Live Cropan’s Tree Boa!

This is really exciting stuff, for snake geeks but also for anyone who has dreamt of Amazonian adventures, in search of discovery, or rediscovery. The last recorded live specimen was collected from Brazils Atlantic forests and killed to represent the species holotype, in 1953. This physical reference had large scales, a large head but the typical tree boa body plan. Since then, a handful of only dead specimens have been recorded by researchers as most collectors appear to kill them out of fear. It also appears to be highly elusive within this unique biosphere. Like all boas the Cropan’s Tree Boa Corallus cropanii is harmless and so, researchers recently convinced locals to the Atlantic rainforests not to be so hasty. Their campaign has yielded an outstandingly beautiful adult female. What a privilege!

More here including images and video.


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